Business Wi-Fi Solutions, Certifications

Our mission is to offer the best Wi-Fi solutions available to our clients. Business Wi-Fi Solutions, LLC engineers, high-capacity business-class Wi-Fi solutions for businesses, including military bases, hotels, and conference centers. We supply wireless network systems that support multiple wifi devices, each of which consumes wireless data and video streaming. Business Wi-Fi Solutions can also provide access to high-speed Internet access in rural areas where wired services are not readily available.

Neil Mavis, the founder, has 20 years in the telecommunications industry. He has been an emergency response field engineer for OC-192 DWDM fiber optics systems that could put twenty million voice phone calls into a strand of fiber optics that is ten times thinner than a human hair. In addition, he has been an Adjunct Professor for two colleges, with a focus on telecom technologies including WiFi solutions, wireless solutions, and fiber optics. He has an MBA, BSEET, as well as CompTIA Security+, CCNA, and RFID certifications.

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