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Free Tutorials on How To Get Better Wifi

Enhance wifi with three simple steps:

  1. What can you do for free?

  2. What can you do for low cost?

  3. Go Big, and spend a lot of money to get a great solution.

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  1. What can you do for free to boost wifi signals

    Free solutions might include moving your wifi router, or removing objects nearby that interfere with your wifi signal strength.

  2. What can you do for low cost to strengthen wifi signals?

    Low cost wifi improvement could be purchasing a longer cable to the home wifi router, and moving your Airbnb wifi router to a much better location.

  3. When do you have to Go Big, and spend a lot of money to enhance wifi?

    Replacing obsolete wifi routers or ineffective wifi repeaters is sometimes the best solution to get better wifi for your home wifi or Airbnb wifi.

What you can do for free to boost wifi signals

  1. How to get better wifi on ps4

    Counterintuitive solution: Remove a PS4 from the wifi connection

    A PS4 can use up a tremendous amount of wifi signal bandwidth, causing wifi problems throughout the home. A way to get better wifi on a PS4 is the opposite of what you might expect. Use the RJ-45 jack on the back of the PS4, directly connect the PS4 to an RJ-45 port on the home wifi router, and on the PS4, provision the wifi off.

    If your home wifi router is too far away to connect via a cable to the PS4, use a powerline converter. A powerline converter will decongest your home wifi, by taking the PS4 traffic off of the home wifi, and placing the PS4 signal directly to the home wifi router via the 120 Volt AC powerlines in the home.

  2. Moving the wifi router off the floor

    Simply moving a home wifi router off the floor, to table top height can dramatically boost wifi signals. Imagine your home has a power outage on a new moon night, and you have only one candle to light up your entire house. If you put the candle on the floor, furniture and walls would cast shadows, and you would have poor lighting.

    You home wifi router is essentially a candle because it is the only object illuminating your home with wifi signals.

    Every object in your home absorbs or reflects candle light, and every object in your home absorbs or reflects wifi signals, in a similar manner.

    On a dark night, you would place the candle above the furniture, typically above a table top, or atop a book case, to avoid shadows.

    Moving a home wifi router off the floor, to tabletop height, or even better, to atop a book case can significantly improve home wifi.

  3. Remove nearby metal objects from home wifi routers

    Mirrors reflect light, and also reflect wifi signals. If your home wifi router is near a mirror, the opposite side of the mirror could have poor wifi signal strength.

    If your home or Airbnb wifi router is in a living room, a large mirror in a bathroom could cause a wifi dead zone in a bedroom. Moving the wifi router in one room, away from the mirror that is located in another room could improve wifi in the other room.

What you can do for low cost to strengthen wifi signals

  1. Moving the wifi router to the middle of a home

    Purchasing a longer power cord, Cat5E/Cat6 Ethernet cables, and then moving the wifi router to the middle of a home tabletop height or higher, can also greatly improve wifi signal strength throughout the home.

When do you have to Go Big, and spend a lot of money to enhance wifi

  1. Sometimes it is better to throw out obsolete wifi equipment, and upgrade to current state-of-the-art wifi equipment.

    There is a major difference between a wifi extender, and a wifi repeater. A wifi repeater could cause more wifi signal problems than is solves. A wifi extender is a better choice than a wifi repeater, however, the best solution might be a completely new top of the line wifi router, also known as a wifi gateway.

  2. When a wifi repeater makes sense

    I discourage the use of a wifi repeater, however, I have recommended the use of a wifi repeater only twice (2), and both times it was to address an RV being used as a guest room that was parked adjacent to a home wifi router.

    A wifi repeater makes sense when:

    1. There are only a few users of the wifi in the home and the RV,
    2. The RV is parked near the home,
    3. The home wifi router is located in the home, so that the wifi router is on the same side of the home as the RV is parked, and
    4. The wifi repeater is located in the RV in front of a non-metal tinted window that is facing the home wifi router located in the house.
    5. An extension cord might be necessary in the RV to properly position the wifi repeater in front of the non-metal tinted window.
  3. When a wifi extender makes sense

    A wifi extender is not a wifi repeater.

    A wifi extender uses the 120 Volt AC power lines in your home. The wifi extender kit includes two electronic modules, one module converts the Ethernet Cat6 RJ-45 signal to put the signal on the 120 volt power lines on your home. The other module picks up the data from the 120 Volt AC power lines, and then transmits the data over a wifi channel.

    You can provision the wifi extender to operate on a different wifi radio channel than the main home wifi router.

    The benefit of the wifi range extender is, if provisioned correctly, it will not interfere with the primary home wifi router radio signal.

  4. When it makes sense to buy a new home wifi router to boost wifi signal strength.

    Obsolete home wifi routers might not have a major technology improvement called MIMO.

    MIMO stands for Multiple In Multiple out, and is an amazing technology that is not marketing sleaze.

    Purchasing a new wifi router with MIMO can greatly improve your wifi signal because it adds addition streams, and also can eliminate multipath problems.

    Look for a wifi router that has MIMO listed on the box, or in the description. We have recommendations for 2X2 MIMO, 3X3 MIMO, and 4X4 MIMO wifi routers.

    If the new wifi router your are examining does not list MIMO in the specifications, don’t buy it! MIMO is an amazing technology that really works, and is essential to get better wifi to your home or Airbnb wifi. Look at many of our tutorial videos for more information on MIMO.

Best Mesh Wifi System Choices

If you have a home that is larger than 2,000 square feet, and you cannot physically move or place a single MIMO home wifi router in the middle of the home, you might need to consider a wifi mesh router solution.

We provide analysis of Wifi mesh systems, and discuss the engineering that makes the best Wifi mesh systems stand out from their competition.

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